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Anonymous asked: Do you think being gay runs in your family?

No dumb ass

Anonymous asked: How old is Luke? Sam doesn't have tumblr?

Luke is now 18 - Samuel is 23 turning 24 I think!!

Anonymous asked: Whats your brothers instagram/tumblr? I dont even know you had a brother :)

I have two brothers - Luke & Sam
Luke IG - @Lvke
Tumblr - http://lvke.tumblr.com

Anonymous asked: Do you work or going collage? Btw are you living nyc?

I work - and I live in Sydney at the moment :)

Anonymous asked: When multiple siblings are gay, do you think genetics or how they are raised has anything to do with it?

Probably more genetics more then anything - siblings can all be raised the same, and some be straight while others end up gay - I think itโ€™s more in your DNA

marlongarc-a asked: You are so beautiful! Can't handle with your face and your body! Pls marry me ๐Ÿ˜

Thank you, very sweet - too busy for marriage sorry

Anonymous asked: You are following me on here, but not on Instagram. Do you think I am ugly? :(

Probably don’t even know you’re Instagram - or I like the pictures you reblog, just not the pictures you post? Probably the first option tho

Anonymous asked: is your brother luke also gay?

Why don’t you ask him

#HappyWednesday - Afternoon costal hike with @travisbalcke ๐ŸŒพ๐Ÿšถ๐ŸŒพ

#LivingLifeOnTheEdge #SecretlyShittingMyPants #CostalRunCostalFun 

 (at Clovelly Beach)